What is EBD||Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Electronic Braking System

Here in this article we are going to understand "what is EBD?" "What is the function of EBD?" "How does it work?"
In a very simple language I will try to make you understand...

What is EBD?(electronic brake force distribution )

EBD is one kind of advanced braking system which is operated electronically.EBD supply brakeforce in  four wheel in differently.

Function of EBD

We can feel the function of EBD when our car will be fully loaded or the taking corner at a certain speed ,on that moment car can move so smoothly with pressing brake and give your car a good stability control.Therefore it is very much helpful  under safety features.Nowadays  cars company like Maruti,Toyota,Hyundai etc providing standard ABS and EBD.

How does it works?

As we know that in a four wheeler there are different type of load act on different wheel when the car fill up with passengers or luggage.Generally we know that, to stop a more weighted moving particle needs more force than less weighted particle although they are in same speed.Due to different load on every wheel need different force to stop the car in minimum time.
Here EBD is the device which will distribute the brake force where to give maximum or minimum force.

Nowadays ABS and EBD become a compulsory safety features.