What is ABS(Anti lock braking system)

What is ABS(Anti lock breaking system )?

Basically ABS is a breaking system where steering wheel will not locked up after applying full break and car direction can be changed easily and cars will not skid as well.As a result no accident.

How does it works?(ABS Mechanism)

When a car is moving then two type of velocity are act on wheel one is translational velocity and another rotational velocity. To stop a car ,translational velocity and rotational velocity had to be zero.
Rotational velocity means car's wheels are rotate on its own axis.
Translational velocity means velocity on the direction of car .

Physical Observations

Non ABS Car

When a driver press a brake pedal in a certain speed then car will skid due to rotational velocity zero but translational velocity at the same direction.Car will hit on something​ ,result in accident
To avoid the accident ,transitional velocity direction has to be changed and this can be done by minimising the rotational velocity not zero.


In a ABS car there is a modular unit in car and speed sensor on a brake pad which sense when the car about to skid and reduce the pressure on brake pad due to this rotational velocity will be minimum and translational velocity  direction will be changed .As a result ,steering wheel of the car will not lock up and car direction will change after pressing brake and car will be in control.

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