Maruti Baleno, Biggest rival of Hyundai i20 and Honda jazz

Hello guys
why we should choose Maruti baleno?
As compare to Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz ,Baleno has little bit low price(respect to top model).
 If we talking about the shape of things then I think we must consider i20 and Baleno is best. Obviously Baleno may be the best design of Maruti but we cannot ignore the design of Honda jazz,but i20 wil be the winner by design .and if we talk about practicality, baleno and jazz has more space then i20.but the interior quality of Baleno is average wheras i20 has quality of material of dashboard.

Driving Enthusiasm

Here's where fuel choice matters .If you are a driving enthusiast and you want a car  that you can connect with baleno 1.2 l petrol

Fuel economy

If u give the great importance of fuel economy then you should go to the Baleno.Real world /high traffic situation for the baleno 13-14kmol for petrol,jazz 10kmpl,i20 12-14kmpl.


Maruti's maintenance network is quite vast and Honda and Hyundai can't,won't work to get to that level .Most of Maruti's spare parts are affordable as compare to Honda or Hyndai.

Resale value 

If you are  really a car lover  then you cannot ignore the resale value .Maruti's resale  value is more marginable as compare to Hyndai or Honda .

Waiting period 

jazz and i20 's waiting period will be less then Maruti Baleno.
 for more vast detail


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