Jeep Compass Revealing Some Exciting Features

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Today I am going to reveal some exciting features of Jeep compass.
As we know the road condition of our country,India. This is why SUV type cars are the best for our Indian with respect to poor road condition .And nowadays we can see the demand of SUV that how much cars like VITARA BREZZA ,RENAULT DUSTER, HYUNDAI CRETA ,NISSAN TERRANO  are running in India and I think ,it should be happen because there are not much difference in price between luxury sedan and and SUV.


Virtually every car consumer including millenials wants to make sure that car's exterior should be as attractive as possible .If you are really a car lover and interested in driving the most attractive car in the market today You must try the jeep compass.The new jeep compass bring a lot, new several  exterior  For example like all jeep vehicles , new jeep compass offers a signature seven slot front grills,and offers led lighting .smooth lines,and available gloss black,painted roof and wraparound chrome detail.


Interior of jeep compass is pretty impressive.luxuryness of leather seat like Marcedes or Bmw.Dashboard has well built quality and you will get a touchscreen infotainment has done a tremendous job with respect to interior.

Capabilities of engine

Capability of engine is one of the most important features that millenials look for their vehicles.The jeep compass offers 4 wheel drive power train in the top spec of SUV,that too only in the diesel has a 1.4 litre petrol T jet engine from fiat that produces 160bhp of power and it has also 2.0litre diesel multijet 2 engine from fiat .Top version of jeep has seven speed automatic gearbox.however other model are offered six speed manual transmission.
     The terrain traction management system makes you sure that you have full control on you car Whatever the condition of road .

Safety Features

Nowadays,we can see how much accident occurred in our country so , that is why todays millenial really care about the safety features and obviously it should be.For the safety, jeep compass  gets dual front airbags as standard along with ABS and EBD.Higher version has a lot more airbags and automatic version gets ESP.Along with the standard driving jeep compass has three other driving to tackle mud ,sand and snow .

I cannot give here​ full description but guys jeep has a lot more changes then your expectation.Here is the full review You may check this out .....
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